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06/05/2015 |  nieuws | cms | galerie | diepenheim | kunstenares | kunstwerken | schilderijen | By   | 0 comments

Nieuwe website voor Galerie Maaiki in Diepenheim

Maaike Buiter opende onlangs haar Galerie Maaiki in Diepenheim Overijssel. Hier exposeert deze levenskunstenares haar omvangrijke en kleurrijke collectie schilderijen. Daarnaast geeft zij in de galerie workshops Mandala tekenen en cursussen Intuïtief Schilderen. Meer informatie vindt u op de website van Galerie Maaiki Openingstijden Galerie Haar schilderijen zijn te bezichtigen bijna elke •Zaterdag en Zondag van 13 uur tot 17 uur •Elke 1ste Zondag v.


15/04/2015 |  nieuws | cms | website | smit | pensioen | consultancy | By   | 0 comments

Nieuwe website met CMS voor Smit Pensioen Consultancy

Op 15 april jl ging de website voor pensioen consultant SMiT Pensioen Consultancy Live. Deze website met het gebruiksvriendelijke CMS van biedt informatie over pensioen consultant Hein Smit, gevestigd te Velserbroek. Naast pensioenadvies kunt u SMiT Pensioen Consultancy ook benaderen voor freelance projecten en voor ondersteuning van uw accountant en intermediair.

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Extra Modules

QS4ALL is a very flexible CMS. You can easily add additional features to your website. After all – upon purchase you might not know exactly which modules are needed. No surprises as the pricing of all extra modules is fixed.



The following modules can be added to your QS4ALL website:
Extra modules can be bought from start or at the duration of your CMS license.


Extra languages

Extra languages can be added at any given point. The CMS is standard provided in 2 languages of your choice.


Set up a greeting cards service on your website.

Chat Online

In today's highly competitive markets, any edge in sales or service you have over your competitors can make the difference in whether you gain or lose a sale. In this world of automated, touch-tone customer help systems, the ability to chat with a live person through a website is a standout feature. Having such a feature on your website, especially when a competitor doesn't, may be the crucial selling point that compels a potential customer to choose you over a competitor. you can watch in real-time as the visitor moves through your site. At any point, you can proactively invite the customer to chat about your products or offer to answer questions, just as would a sales or customer support assistant in a brick and mortar store. If a customer wants to initiate a chat, he or she clicks on the button on your website, which opens a private message window. The visitor fills in the information fields you've defined, adds a question, and then clicks on the "Start Chat" button. You receive the chat request, review the information, and decide whether to accept. If you do, a private chat window opens up, and your operator and visitor communicate with each other real-time via text messaging.
Adding live visitor chat to your website will help increase sales & conversions and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty


The webshop module allows you to sell products online. Including Paypal integration.

Vacancy module Module “Vacancies” in the CMS allows you to publish a list of vacancies on your website according to sections. The module is essential in case of a big number of active vacancies. Including an online application form.
List job vacancies including jobdescription, job requirements and job offers.
Enter a start and closing date of this vacancy
Application form including the possibility to add a C.V.
Add employee responsible
Change the order of the vacancies
Option to add downloads such as PDF and Excel or Word
Add internal – external links
Email marketing

The mailing module lets you create mailinglists and email mailings. Add text, photos, attachments and links to your mailing and select the right mailing list.

The mailing module offers opt-in/opt-out according to the latest legislations. What is opt-in/opt-out?

An opt-in policy requires a potential customer to self-select the services they wish to subscribe to, and how any information they provide may be used. Also referred to as permission-based marketing.
In practice, an opt-in policy involves creating forms where services such as email newsletter subscriptions are unchecked by default. The benefit of this approach is that a user who has actively considered the offering before signing-up, is a more qualified potential customer.

opt-out policy
An opt-out policy is where an existing customer receives electronic communications—usually on the basis of a prior relationship—without providing express permission.
The European Union Privacy and Electronics Communication Directive (introduced in 2003), makes provision for electronic communications (both email and text/SMS) to be initiated with existing customers on the conditions that:
the communication relates to products or services similar to those originally provided, and
the customer is provided with a means of opting-out of further communication.


• Unlimited number of mailing lists
• Easy import and export of mailing lists
• Automatic processing of purchases and cancellations
• Easy import into Microsoft Outlook
• Create new mailings based on predefined templates
• Automatic archiving of mailings
• Titles can be generated graphically
• Unlimited number of images
• Add files (eg PDF, Word and Excel)
• Adding links to your own website and other sites
• Opt-in - Opt out the latest Communications of OPTA

Guestbook module

The Guestbook Manager allows customers or employees to leave a message, review or remark. This module offers guests and visitors the opportunity to write their names and tell how they have experienced the visit. In the administration panel of your CMS you control each message. You can either decide to set it live or delete it.

News module

Do you regularly publish news or articles that you wish to publish on your site? The news module can create messages, all in the same layout, it means that your news messages are smartly and professionally presented in the look and feel of your website.
With this module you can simply change messages, delete or add new news items. You can set how many news items are shown on a page. The news module allows you to communicate the latest news to your target audience.


• Unlimited number of entries
• Ability to organize items in different categories
• Automatic archiving to a predetermined date
• Automatically expire on a predetermined date
• Summary of the article may be shown in the overview
• Title can be graphically generated
• Unlimited number of images
• Adding a file (eg PDF, Word and Excel)
• Add internal and external links
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