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06/05/2015 |  nieuws | cms | galerie | diepenheim | kunstenares | kunstwerken | schilderijen | By   | 0 comments

Nieuwe website voor Galerie Maaiki in Diepenheim

Maaike Buiter opende onlangs haar Galerie Maaiki in Diepenheim Overijssel. Hier exposeert deze levenskunstenares haar omvangrijke en kleurrijke collectie schilderijen. Daarnaast geeft zij in de galerie workshops Mandala tekenen en cursussen Intuïtief Schilderen. Meer informatie vindt u op de website van Galerie Maaiki Openingstijden Galerie Haar schilderijen zijn te bezichtigen bijna elke •Zaterdag en Zondag van 13 uur tot 17 uur •Elke 1ste Zondag v.


15/04/2015 |  nieuws | cms | website | smit | pensioen | consultancy | By   | 0 comments

Nieuwe website met CMS voor Smit Pensioen Consultancy

Op 15 april jl ging de website voor pensioen consultant SMiT Pensioen Consultancy Live. Deze website met het gebruiksvriendelijke CMS van biedt informatie over pensioen consultant Hein Smit, gevestigd te Velserbroek. Naast pensioenadvies kunt u SMiT Pensioen Consultancy ook benaderen voor freelance projecten en voor ondersteuning van uw accountant en intermediair.

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What is a CMS - Content Management System – Web content management system

Wikipedia: A content management system (CMS) is a collection of procedures used to manage work flow in a collaborative environment. These procedures can be manual or computer-based. The procedures are designed to:

Allow for a large number of people to contribute to and share stored data
Control access to data, based on user roles. User roles define what information each user can view or edit
Aid in easy storage and retrieval of data
Reduce repetitive duplicate input
Improve the ease of report writing
Improve communication between users
In a CMS, data can be defined as almost anything - documents, movies, pictures, phone numbers, scientific data, etc. CMSs are frequently used for storing, controlling, revising, semantically enriching, and publishing documentation. Content that is controlled is industry-specific. For example, entertainment content differs from the design documents for a fighter jet.

There are various terms for systems (related processes) that do this. Examples are web content management, digital asset management, digital records management and electronic content management. Synchronization of intermediate steps, and collation into a final product are common goals of each.

The QS4ALL CMS offers many opportunities for uploading data, photos, videos, pdf's and publish documents onto the Internet without any HTML knowledge. Anyone with basic MS Word experience can easily use the CMS.

To manage your website in a simple and user-friendly manner the QS4ALL Content Management System (CMS) will be implemented with easy logins to enable you to add, change, delete pages to your menu – in short to empower you to keep your website accurate and attractive. QS4all puts the power of website management into the hands of information owners, removing the content creation bottleneck and ensuring your site is up-to-date, relevant and meeting the needs of your visitors and the search engines.

In order to create one of the most user friendly CMS software products, we made use of common icons from Word and Outlook. Hence, working in your CMS is as easy as using a word processing package. QS$ALL uses a WYWIWYG editor similar in appearance to Microsoft Word to allow users to edit content text and upload images. Using an editor means you don't need to know any HTML and can concentrate on the main focus of your website - the content. QS4ALL CMS is a 100% browser based content management system and as such can be used by anybody with an internet connection and web browser. The CMS is fully compatible with Firefox, IE, and Safari browsers across the Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.

The benefits of the QS4ALL CMS are:
• Intuitive and user-friendly environment
• No technical knowledge or HTML knowledge required
• Anytime, anywhere access to the CMS via various Internet browsers
• A set of additional modules to extend the functionality – if desired
• Support and advice with respect to search engine optimization
• Options for custom modifications and enhancements

Ease of use. Our system's design is purposefully simple and straight-forward. Non-technical users are able to quickly login and easily manage the website and enter content.

Basis Functionality of the CMS QS4ALL:

Number of Pages QS4ALL allows you to create an unlimited number of pages and the ability to have content 'go live' and 'expire' whenever you want Hidden pages is another great feature of the QS4ALL
Hidden Pages Hidden pages is another great feature of the QS4ALL. Hidden pages are webpages not published through the menu structure but which can be used within the site to link to for extra Information.
Menu order You can change the order in your menustructure and submenus at any given point
Delete pages

Of course pages can be removed, they will however be stored in the Recycle Bin. So pages deleted by accident can be recovered.

Templates With pages one can select various templates such as multiple columns, add tables or make text wrap around images
Photo's The number of photo uploads is unlimited. The CMS offers multiple photo upload and categorised photo albums. Photos can be selected easily as they are displayed in thumbnails. At the photo upload process photos are automatically resized to the required format.
Alt Tags can be added to each photo increasing your ranking on the search engines.
Content and header images can rotate per page. You select the number of scrollable images per page. Each page can offer a unique set of images – presenting your business the best way possible – Images Sell!
Uploads PDF Upload - Word Upload - Powerpoint Upload - Youtube Videos Upload - Upload Flash Elements
Templates QS4ALL is offered in a number of templates. Within each template you can choose your own colours, fonts, line spacing and upload your own logo
SEO SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Each page of your website can be individually optimised for the search engine. Add a unique title tag, description and keywords for each of your webpages.

As your site grows in pages, so does the time required for visitors to locate specific information on it. Therefore the QS4ALL CMS comes standard with a search this site functionality.

Languages QS4ALL CMS comes standard in two languages of your choice. Additional language versions can be added.

Internal linking:
Link to page: This plugin allows you to make easy links to other pages in your website without copying the url. Just select the text to link – choose link to page and select the name of the webpage from a dropdown menu. As internal linking should be part of your SEO strategy this plugin saves a lot ot time.

External Linking:
The CMS offers easy external link functionality whereby the user can choose to open the link is a news window, current window or pop-up window.

Links within a certain page
To put a link at the bottom of each page that directs you straight to the top of that page (or any other position) you need an anchor link. Anchor links can also be useful with longer pages. The anchor functionality is available in the QS4ALL CMS


The CMS also offers entry to the HTML code of the CMS page.
Once in the editor you can click on the code button - this will turn the editor into html mode. You can then add your required html to the appropriate section. Then click on the code button again to switch to wysiwyg mode and click on the save button.


The Plug-in module is a unique feature of the CMS. Examples of Plug-ins are: photo album (or categories from the photoalbum) forms, side blocks, packages etc

Site Map

The CMS comes standard with a sitemap. As Web sites grow larger and more complex, it's no surprise that both humans and search engine spiders tend to get lost. QS4ALL CMS helps them out by providing a site map. It increases the usability, ranking and accessibility of your website

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