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06/05/2015 |  nieuws | cms | galerie | diepenheim | kunstenares | kunstwerken | schilderijen | By   | 0 comments

Nieuwe website voor Galerie Maaiki in Diepenheim

Maaike Buiter opende onlangs haar Galerie Maaiki in Diepenheim Overijssel. Hier exposeert deze levenskunstenares haar omvangrijke en kleurrijke collectie schilderijen. Daarnaast geeft zij in de galerie workshops Mandala tekenen en cursussen Intuïtief Schilderen. Meer informatie vindt u op de website van Galerie Maaiki Openingstijden Galerie Haar schilderijen zijn te bezichtigen bijna elke •Zaterdag en Zondag van 13 uur tot 17 uur •Elke 1ste Zondag v.


15/04/2015 |  nieuws | cms | website | smit | pensioen | consultancy | By   | 0 comments

Nieuwe website met CMS voor Smit Pensioen Consultancy

Op 15 april jl ging de website voor pensioen consultant SMiT Pensioen Consultancy Live. Deze website met het gebruiksvriendelijke CMS van biedt informatie over pensioen consultant Hein Smit, gevestigd te Velserbroek. Naast pensioenadvies kunt u SMiT Pensioen Consultancy ook benaderen voor freelance projecten en voor ondersteuning van uw accountant en intermediair.

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Terms & Conditions QSALL websites, CMS, extra modules, Hosting and Domainname registration (hereinafter QS4ALL) is a partnership with two offices namely Haarlem office, residing at the address Waarderveldweg 89, 2031 BK Haarlem and Laren office, residing at the address Hanrath Singel 14, 1252 AE Laren


QS4ALL is registered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce in Haarlem under number 34377136


1. Definitions
1. Contracting party: the natural or legal person with whom the contract for delivery of products and services of QS4ALL will be closed.

2. Agreement: every mutual acceptance, confirmed in writing or through email or by the delivery of one or more products or services of QS4ALL.


2. Relevance
1. Insofar as in mutual agreement between the parties not is deviated in writing; the following articles apply to any offer, order or agreement from or with QS4ALL.

2. General conditions of contracting party or third party are for QS4ALL non-obligatory and not applicable.


3. Offer and acceptance
1. All offers and quotations made by or on behalf of QS4ALL are without obligations, unless otherwise indicated by QS4ALL in writing or by electronic mail.
2. An offer or proposal made by QS4ALL has a period of validity of 14 days, unless otherwise indicated.


4. Start of the agreement
1. A contract is concluded on the day the prospective contracting party sends back the Contract Form sent by QS4ALL completed and signed or otherwise when QS4ALL has made services available to the contracting party.
2. Exceptions to this are real-time agreements. Real-time agreements are directly concluded at acceptance of the service or the product on the website of QS4ALL. At this agreement form, the private contracting party has seven days cancellation right. This explicitly does not apply to domain names, since these have been specified by the contracting party.
3. Additions and amendments to the agreement can only and exclusively be realised in writing.


5. Duration and termination
1. The agreement is for an indefinite period with a minimum term of 24 months unless otherwise agreed.
2. The agreement will be automatically renewed for the same period provided that no later than 3 months before the expiry of the then current term in writing and by registered mail is cancelled. This applies to all products and services of QS4ALL. The contract will be terminated if the contracting party has met the above conditions.
3. QS4ALL may terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the contracting party does not, not properly or fully meet or contravenes one or more of his obligations towards QS4ALL.
4. QS4ALL has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect without a notice of default or judicial intervention and if:
• the contracting party has been declared bankrupt;
• the contracting party has requested or obtained suspension of payment;
• the contracting party lost full control of his assets;
• QS4ALL has reason to doubt the ability of the contracting party to meet his obligations (in time);
• the contracting party then has no right to any compensation.
5. Without prejudice to article 14, QS4ALL has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect and without judicial intervention if:
• the contracting party uses the Internet improperly;
• the contracting party distributes information that conflicts with (inter) national laws and regulations;
• the contracting party distributes information that is contrary to generally accepted norms and values;
• the contracting party distributes information that discriminates against appearance, race, religion, gender, culture, descent or otherwise can be called offensive.


6. Delivery and delivery time
1. If a delivery time is likely to be exceeded, this will be notified as soon as possible. In the event of force majeure on the part of QS4ALL the period will be extended for the duration of that force majeure. Excessive exceeding of the delivery time may be considered ground for dissolvent of the agreement.


7. Force majeure
1. QS4ALL is not bound by its obligations under the agreement if compliance is made impossible by force majeure. In this case both parties are entitled to dissolve the agreement.
2. Force majeure in relation to this agreement is defined as, all that is written in law and jurisprudence.


8. Prices
1. All agreed prices are exclusive VAT, unless stated otherwise.
2. QS4ALL has the right to change the tariffs. These changes will be announced to the contracting party two months before they take effect. The contracting party is entitled to terminate the agreement onto the date the change become effective.
3. The contracting party is bound by the amount of data traffic as described in the agreement. The contracting party is responsible that this limit is not exceeded. Unused data traffic cannot be transferred to the next month. When exceeding the data traffic additional costs will be charged.


9. Payment terms
1. The payment of the contracting party starts on the day the agreement is concluded. The payment relates to the period beginning on the day of the actual provision of products and services of QS4ALL.
2. QS4ALL sends the contracting party an invoice per instalment for costs associated with the agreement.
3. Depending on the duration for which the agreement is entered into, the costs due will be charged in advance, and must be pre-paid by direct debit or invoice, if not, QS4ALL reserves the right to (temporarily) shut down the site.
4. If contracting party fails to pay timely, this shall be notified to the contracting party and additionally a further term of payment will be determined. Is not paid within that period as well, then the contracting party is in default without further notice.
5. If the contracting party is of the opinion that the charges are incorrect, the contracting party may express objections to QS4ALL within two weeks after the date of invoice. After receiving the objection, QS4ALL will inquire the correctness of the invoiced amount.
6. Payment of the costs due can take place through a periodical direct debit, which the contracting party has authorised QS4ALL at the start of the agreement or on a later date.
7. In case of direct debit the contracting party must ensure sufficient balance in his account.
8. Contracting party is in default from the moment the payment due through fault of the contracting party cannot be collected or not paid to QS4ALL.
9. If the amounts due cannot be collected or received through the fault of the contracting party, administration costs shall be charged by QS4ALL. In addition, the contracting party is also indebted to collection fees.
10. If QS4ALL was forced to make additional costs (other than those mentioned above) to collect the amount due, they will be recouped from the contracting party.


10. Property restrictions
1. The material produced by QS4ALL is and remains the property of QS4ALL.


11. Personal data
1. By entering into the agreement the contracting party gives permission to process the personal data provided and/or to store in a database in behalf of the execution of the agreement.


12. Liability
1. QS4ALL is depending on the cooperation, services and supplies from third parties, on which QS4ALL can exert little or no influence. Therefore, QS4ALL cannot be held liable in any way for any damage arising from the relationship with QS4ALL or breaking it irrespective of the damage arising or becoming visible during the relationship with QS4ALL.
2. In case of accountable failure to fulfil the agreement QS4ALL is only liable for alternative compensation, i.e. compensation for the value of the omitted performance. This value has a maximum of 350 Euros. Any liability of QS4ALL for any other form of damage is excluded, including additional compensation in any form, compensation for indirect or consequential damages or damages for lost sales or profits.
3. The contracting party shall indemnify QS4ALL for all claims which third parties may assert in respect of damage arising in any way caused by the illegitimate or negligent use of the contracting party to products and services of QS4ALL.
4. One should take into account the fact that the information obtained or transmitted by the Internet is freely accessible. This in the view of the large number of nodes on the Internet with human intervention, the use of local networks and wireless communications. QS4ALL cannot be held liable for any damage whatsoever caused by sending confidential or secret information. QS4ALL is not responsible for the security or abuse of the data being stored by third parties.
5. QS4ALL is not responsible or liable for the content of promotional material delivered by the contracting party.
6. The contracting party shall be liable for all damages which QS4ALL may suffer due to an attributable failure of the contracting party to perform its obligations under the agreement and these conditions.
7. Changes to the data of the contracting party should be immediately notified in writing to QS4ALL by the contracting party. If the contracting party does not comply, the contracting party is liable for any damages which QS4ALL suffers as a consequence.


13. Transfer of rights and obligations
1. Contracting party is not entitled to transfer the rights and/or obligations arising from an agreement to any third party without prior written authorisation of QS4ALL.


14. Discontinuation
1. QS4ALL has the right to (temporarily) discontinue products and services and/or to limit their use when contracting party concerning the agreement fails to fulfil an obligation towards QS4ALL or contravenes these terms and conditions. The obligation to pay the amounts due will remain unchanged during the discontinuation.
2. Continuation of the service shall take place if the contracting party has complied with his obligations within a period of time determined by QS4AL and a reconnection fee has been paid.


15. Complaints
1. The contracting party shall, in respect of observable defects, submit complaints in writing at the latest 8 days after delivery, failing to do so void any claim against QS4ALL.
2. Complaints concerning visible defects must be made in writing by registered letter within 8 days after the defect was determined, could be determined or ought to be determined. If this is not done, any claim towards QS4All will be voided.
3. If the complaint is valid, the delivered products or services will be adjusted, replaced or refunded.
4. A complaint does not suspend the obligations of the contracting party.


16. Amendments of conditions
1. QS4ALL reserves the right to amend or supplement these conditions.
2. Amendments also apply to existing agreements with due observance of a period of 30 days after written notice of the amendment.
3. If the contracting party does not wish to accept the amendments in these conditions, until the date on which the new conditions will enter into effect, he may dissolve the agreement, effective from that date or as at the date on which the notice of termination is received if that date is after the date on which the amendment has entered into effect


17. Disputes and applicable law
1. If in a court order one or more articles of these conditions are invalidated, other provisions of these terms and conditions will remain in full force and will QS4ALL and contracting party engage in consultation in order to agree on new provisions to replace the invalid or void provisions, at which the purpose and intention of the invalid or voided provisions are observed as much as possible
2. The agreement shall be exclusively governed by Dutch law.


18. Translations
1. The Dutch version shall be binding if there are any inconsistencies between the wording of the Dutch-language version of these conditions and the translation thereof into another language. | Hanrathsingel 14 | 1252 AE Laren l T. 035-6231419 | M. 06-21700357 | E. | Sitemap | Terms and Conditions

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